Wednesday, January 30, 2013

How Prepared Are You For The Grand Damba

How Prepared Are You For The Grand Damba

Damba festival which comes off tomorrow 31st January 2013 ,is  celebrated among the Mole Dagombas in the the northern region of Ghana to commemorate the birth and naming ceremony of the Holy Prophet Mohammed. Damba is celebrated according to the lunar calendar ,.Damba festival is a twin festive namely; “Somo” Damba and “Naa” Damba. “Somo” Damba is celebrated to commemorate the birth of the prophet and Naa-Damba is held to mark his naming ceremony. Approaching the months named, Chiefs, elders and family heads not forgetting the local folk are always on the lookout for the moon of Damba. It is therefore common to see people raising their heads towards the sky each evening desperately awaiting the moon to shoot up. This is the month the Mamprusis call Damba “goori” or “billai”...cont.reading

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