Sunday, February 24, 2013

Lack of policy said to be hindering investment in Ghana’s shea sector

Mr Agustine Sandow Ambotimah, Coordinator of the Nadowli District Cooperative Farmers, has said absence of a policy to regulate activities of the shea industry is the major hinder to investment in the sector.
He said this during a stakeholders’ forum in Wa.
Mr Ambotimah said other concerns are the absence of a guaranteed price for shea nut, the absence of a Shea Board (SHEABOD) for the industry and the non-enforcement of bush fire by-laws.cont.reading

Friday, February 22, 2013

Promising Act;Thuglee

Thuglee known in private life as Adam Hamzah was born to Alhaji Adam and Hajia Martha on 5 January 1983  in Tamale the  regional capital of northern region.He went to an Arabic|English school for his basic education and Bagabaga J.H.S for his junior high school certificate furthered to Tamale polytechnic to pursue a course in printing and decoration.Thuglee who has a big love for education plans to further to the university..cont.reading


Black echo
Talking about rap music in the northern sector there's is one name which always pops up and that name is BLACK ECHO..Tashiru as he is known in private life was born to Alhaji Tahiru and Mama Ayishetu(Ayisha) on 9th January 1982 in Tema community 9 a suburb in the Greater Accra region.he attended Community 8 number 3 primary and jhs for his basic education and furthered to United Pentecostal Senior High School all in Tema.he then pursue a course in marketing at the tamale polytechnic ,According him life growing up was not all that smooth especially when he had to live all by himself whiles studying in tamale with all these thorns he was able to survive and now enjoying his fruits of hard work and determinations. cont.reading

SADA to set up three agro-processing factories

 President John Dramani Mahama on Thursday announced that the Savannah Accelerated Development Authority (SADA) will establish three agro processing factories in Northern Region to help enhance the livelihoods of the people.
He said the factories would include a sheanut processing factory, a rice mill factory and a vegetable oil mill factory, which would be located at Buipe,  Nyankpala  and Tamale.

Tourism sector to receive economic boost – Mahama

President John Dramani Mahama said on Thursday government was committed to using tourism as an instrument for the full realization of the economic potential of the culture and creative arts.
He said the newly aligned Ministry of Tourism, Culture and the Creative Arts would facilitate the interface between government, implementing bodies in tourism, culture and the creative industries as well as international and civil society partners.cont.reading

Thursday, February 21, 2013

talking about rap music in the northern sector theres is one

name which always pops up and that name is BLACK ECHO..Tashiru

as he is known in private life was born to Alhaji Tahiru and

Mama Ayishetu(Ayisha) was born on 9th january 1982 in Tema

community 9 a suburb in the Greater Accra region.he attended 

comunity 8 number 3 primary and jhs for his basic education and

furthered to united pentecostal senior high school all in

Tema.he then pursue a course in marketing at the tamale

polytechnic ,According him life growing up was not all that

smooth especially when he had to live all by him self whiles

studying in tamale with all these thorns he was able to survive

and now enjoying the fruist of hard work and determinations.

He grew up in a city which has produced and still bringing out

finest music icons some of the artist from that hood are B.E.T

BEST AFRICAN ACT OF THE YEAR 2012 Sarkodie ,R2bees just to

mention a few.He started by miming the tracks of hiplife

granpapa reggi rockstones  since he was the shy type he didnt

make him self known to his peers.he said there was a music

competition going on in community 8 and his closed friends who

knew his hiden talent encourage him to take part and luckily

enough he took the 2nd position that competition,this

competition boosted his morale and he started recording his own

demos and appearing on radio shows on Kasahari level in Adom fm

and performing on minor stages in the capital of Ghana. Black

echo realised that music in the northern part is soly hilife and

reggae so he took it upon himself  to be a poineer of rap music

in the north of the doing this he try his best to

feature underground rap artist in his albums which led to the

fromation of his record label called blackecho records where he

groom underground rap artist.

black echo and his boys rap in Dagbanli and called thier genre

Dagbanli-pop black echo have 3 solid albums to his credit  and

together woth his boys they have 2 albums and working on the  on

thier 3 album Odeshi which have mohammedu on it and they are

still promoting singles from his 3rd album which is tiltled

Dagbanli pop .talking about stage performances black echo  is a

king in that sector he and his boys  all try thier best to

murder the sage and leaves that memmroies on thier fans for a

very long time he said his secreat to that sucess is they do a

lot of praticing and  and planned  head, they dont wait to the

last minuete,

Due to his hard work black echoe and his boys have been invited

to by renowned sound engineer hammer of the last two record who

is noted to have brought sarkodie,tinny,ayigbe edem who are

rapping in thier repectives mother tongues to limelight.and also

they are in talks with most of the srtist in the south to do a

colaborations with fans of black echo should be

expecting  more hits from.

black echo was has signed a one year deal with Carlos

entertainment said "northern music is growing but the bussines

aspect is rather detoriating because there is no bold manager to

spend up to 2000 ghana cedis in branding an artist and i think

is because they lack eduction if they really know what they will

get from in branding an srtist they will do it and also some of

us lack education in what we are doing, is like some of the

upcoming  artist  thinks since he can can go behind the mic and 

rap on an intrumental he think thats all and that makes him a

musician but they dont understand what it entailles .

at his liesure he spend much time with his boys,watch funny

movies all give them morale to be in the game..he is also the

sales manager at KESMI FM and you can catch him live on his

sunday shows between 5 to 9pm on kesmi fm 


Mohammed Tawfic Yamusa was born in Tamale on 18th February 1983 to Alhaji Yamusah  Mumuni and Habiba Husein.Tawfic was born into a family of music talents and it happens that he find himself in the middle of two great northern music icons  that is the LIVING LEGEND SHERIF GHALE and DON SIGLI his junior brother.He said growing up in the northern part was not all that easy  but his parent saw the importants of educations  and enrolled him into Sakasaka primary and Sakasaka jhs for his basic and junior high school education after which he he got admitted to Kalpohin shs for his high school certificate which pushed him into Bagabaga teacher training school to be come  a professional trained teacher not stopping there he furthered to Kwame Nkurumah university of science and technology where he is currently studying communication design in his final year,that make him a visual and performing artists.cont.reading

Smuggled fuel impounded in Wa

The Anti-Fuel Smuggling Task Force and the Upper West Regional Police Command has so far seized large quantities of petroleum products that were being smuggled.
On February 12, the Task Force impounded 23 litres of diesel, 35 gallons of petrol and five  drums of diesel and  202.50 litres of petrol and 112.50 litres of diesel on February 13.cont.reading

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The History of Navrongo is known of the history of the ancestors of Navrongo, the Gurunsi. According to oral tradition the Gurunsi originally came from the western Sudan passing through the Sahel. Their presence was not recorded until the Mossi people moved North around the 1500, from the northern region of present-day Ghana, to create the various Mossi kingdoms. Diverse accounts relate the numerous incursions by the Mossi into the area to sack the villages and capture slaves for sale. Thanks to their fierce resistance the ancestors of the Gurunsi escaped the domination of the Mossi kingdom. The Gurunsi territories remained, however, for many years, the theater of unceasing wars, wars of conquest first, which became pillaging operations after the Mossi had forgone their attempts to establish supremacy over the Gurunsi territories. The historical background of the Gurunsi brings into relief two essential attributes: their spirit of independence and their capacity of defense. It was these wars and the search for better hunting grounds that pressed some Gurunsi people to settle around the present day town of Zecco in Ghana's northern neighbor, Burkina Faso.cont.reading

Two soldiers jailed over Mobilla’s death

 An Accra High Court on Monday sentenced Corporal Yaw Appiah a soldier to 10 years imprisonment over his role in the death of Alhaji Issa Mobilla, former Northern Regional Chairman of Convention People’s Party (CPP) in the year 2004.
The court further sentenced in absentia Private Seth Goka, another soldier on the same offence to 20 years imprisonment. Sentences are to take effect from today.cont.reading

Local Government recruits refusing postings to Upper West Region

Out of a total of 116 young people that have been recruited and posted to the Local Government Service sector in the Upper West Region, only 75 of them have so far reported to the Regional Coordinating Council (RCC).
Mr J. B. Atogiba, Chief Director at the RCC made this known during a two-day orientation programme for newly recruited staff in Wa on Monday.cont.reading

Ghana’s trade deficit rises, hits $4.2b end of 2012

Ghana’s trade deficit continues to widen as not surprisingly the country imports more than exporting for the past decade.
Trade Minister Haruna Iddrisu
Indeed the year 2012 was no exception. The country’s total merchandise exports rose 5.7% to $13.5 billion while imported goods reached $17.7 billion, an increase of 12.1% over 2011.cont.reading

Monday, February 18, 2013



by:Alhaji Abubakari Lunna

Sound Quality

The gung-gong has musical call-and-response interaction between center strokes and edge strokes. Cords divide each head into two sonic zones: center strokes have a clean booming sound; edge strokes have a buzzing sound from the vibration of the snare-like cord. Alhaji tunes each gung-gong drum to its properly resonant relative pitch, which will vary according to the drum's materials, as well as temperature and humidity conditions.cont.reading

People with disabilities not less human beings – Chief

Dr. Henry Danaa
Nana Ansah Sasraku,  chief of Mamfe and the Kyidomhene of the Akuapem Traditional Area, has observed that people with disabilities are no lesser beings and therefore society must not look down on their capabilities in the national development agenda.
He said given the opportunities on the same scale, such as educational and job opportunities, persons living with disabilities could prove their competencies and capabilities in every field just like any other human being.cont.reading

President commended for advocating inclusion of queens in houses of chiefs

President John Mahama
Nana Ama Amaniwaah, Queen of Abetifi in the Eastern Region, has commended President John Dramani Mahama for advocating for the inclusion of queens in the various houses of chiefs.cont.reading

Wa Credit Union succeeding despite stiff competition

The Wa Community Cooperative Credit Union (WACCU) has recorded significant success in its operations despite stiff competition from financial institutions and banks in the Municipality.cont.reading

Sunday, February 17, 2013


King Ayisoba have released the much awaited video of  "ME KA",the video which is very hilarious and educative,which king Ayisoba is known for was directed and produce by Stanley Adjetey and Moblack respectively.

The video "ME KA" which means  i will tell in the Asanti dialect tells us how young men now of these days wont look for job and go around  stealing  from also portrays much of the northern ingenuity handicrafts,fashion and also got some Azonto moves in and leave your comment..



Sound Quality

The lunga drum is melodic as well as rhythmic. Drummers control a lunga's pitches by squeezing and releasing the cords that run between its two drumheads. Changes in pressure on the cords affect the tension on the drumheads and thus the pitch made by a drum stroke. Each lunga drum has its own exact pitches, depending on the dimensions of its wooden body and the thickness of its two goatskin heads. For the sound recordings on this website, Alhaji played drums in three general pitch categories: large-size with low pitches, medium-size with medium pitches, and small-size with high pitches.cont.reading

MOLE DAGOMBAS (THE GREAT WARRIORS):  THE GOONJI MUSIC Apart from drumming, there are m...

MOLE DAGOMBAS (THE GREAT WARRIORS):  THE GOONJI MUSIC Apart from drumming, there are m...:   THE GOONJI MUSIC   Apart from drumming, there are many other types of music in Dagbon.  There are other types of drums played ...

MOLE DAGOMBAS (THE GREAT WARRIORS): YENDIYendi is a town and the capital of Yendi  mu...

Yendi is a town and the capital of Yendi  mu...
: YENDI Yendi   i s a town and the capital of Yendi  municipal  assembly   in the northeastern quadrant of Ghana  in the Dagbon territory...


MOLE DAGOMBAS (THE GREAT WARRIORS): THE BATTLE OF ADIBO (BATTLE WITH THE GERMANS) (BY...: There is a popular date in the history of Dagbon that every son of Great Gbewaa is recalled by Dagbon drum historians as Adibo...

Traditional rulers, other stakeholders pledge support to combat TB

Traditional rulers, the media and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in the Upper East Region have pledged to help the Ghana Health Service to combat the spread of tuberculosis (TB) in the area.
The stakeholders made the pledge in Bolgatanga on Thursday during a forum organised by Rural Initiatives for Self-Empowerment-Ghana (RISE), a Non-Governmental Organization to launch a TB project.
The project is to mobilize and strengthen CSOs supporting TB affected people and help stop TB in the Upper East Region..cont.reading

Gushegu District health review

The Gushegu District in the Northern Region has for the the third year running not recorded any confirmed Guinea worm case.

A cash reward of Two Hundred Ghana Cedis is currently in place for anybody who reports a confirmed case.

The District also did not register any death from Cerebro Spinal Meningitis, though 12 cases were recorded last year.cont.reading

Saturday, February 16, 2013


 Emmanuel Andrews Samini Aka Batman samini who hails from Wa in the upper West Region was born in  Adabraka on 22nd December 1981. to Mr G.A Samini and Theresa Nusala.He had his basic and primary education at Holy Family Basic School and then continued at St Magaraet Mary Sec school, Dansoman for his secondary education.He has lived in Dansoman since he was 9 years.In an interview with modern when he was asked about how he started this is what he had to say..cont.reading

UDS names nine-member Board to run development fund

A nine member Board has been inaugurated to manage the University for Development Studies (UDS) Alumni Fund (UNIDEVFund) to help mobilize resources to develop the UDS.
The Board, amongst others, is to play an oversight role of administering UNIDEVFund through decisions on the type of projects and programmes to be assisted by the fund.cont.reading

Nanumba traditional authorities trained on public policy formulation

  Traditional authorities from Nanumba North and South Districts of the Northern Region have undergone a two-day training on public policy formulation at the local level to ensure efficient use of resources.
The training was to equip the traditional authorities with the right knowledge, skills and information to engage in and for active involvement in decision making, planning, implementation and execution of projects and programmes within their communities in line with the development aspirations of their people.cont.reading

Bawku girls want government to eradicate Female Genital Mutilation

Girls in the Bawku Municipality in the Upper East Region, has called on government to intensify efforts to eradicate Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), being practiced mostly in the Northern part of Ghana.
The group, mainly school girls, said FGM and other obsolete traditional practices were affecting the physical and psychological development of victims.cont.reading

Friday, February 15, 2013

Atongo Zimba

Atongo Zimba comes from the north of Ghana. He was very young when his grandfather taught him to play and make the koliko (or molo), a two stringed lute, which is used throughout the savannahs and deserts of West Africa.cont.reading

Haruna apologises over Ashanti Region comment

 Member of Parliament for Tamale South, Haruna Iddrisu, has retracted and apologised for a question he posed to the Ashanti Region Minister-designate during Wednesday’s vetting.

Iddrisu wanted to find out from Mr Samuel Sarpong if other ethnic groups, particularly those from the Northern and Volta extraction, were safe in the Ashanti Region.cont.reading

Bede Ziedeng-Establish military base in U/W region

 The Upper West Regional Minister-designate, Bede Ziedeng, has proposed the establishment of a military base in the region to enable authorities improve security in the area.

Mr Ziedeng made the proposal as one of the ways the Upper West Region could become a safe area again after various reports of armed robbery and other related attacks.cont.reading

51% of Northerners support FGM

 Over half of Northerners support female genital mutilation (FGM), according to Buwda, a Ghanaian NGO.

FGM involves the complete removal or partial removal or alteration of the genitals for non-medical reasons.cont.reading

Thursday, February 14, 2013

NGO rescues 111 Ghanaian children from slavery in 2012

 Challenging Heights, a non- governmental organization in Ghana, has, as at the end of 2012, saved 111 children from slavery and many others were saved from child labour.
This was contained in a statement issued by Mr James Kofi Annan, President of Challenging Heights and copied to the Ghana News Agency on Tuesday.
According to the statement, Challenging Heights provided support to 1,640 children and youth made up of 704 girls, and 936 boys in 32 communities across six districts.cont.reading

Radio stations supported to promote best agricultural practices in northern Ghana

 Agricultural Development and Value Chain Enhancement (ADVANCE), a USAID funded project, has supported 20 radio stations in the Northern, Upper East and Upper West Regions to promote best agricultural practices for farmers through radio programming.
These stations, including GBC Radio Upper West, are expected to form “listenership” clubs in farming communities and develop comprehensive agricultural programmes to suit the interest of the farmers in their areas of operation.
Mr. Francis Essuman, ADVANCE Regional Coordinator for Upper West, said this  during the inauguration of one of the listenership clubs at Gindabuo in the Sawla-Tuna-Kalba District.
The programme was under the theme: “Towards Effective Agriculture Radio Information Delivery: The Role of the Listenership Clubs.”cont.reading

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Dr Hilla Limann SHS takes off in Gwollu

Dr.Hilla Limann
The much awaited Dr Hilla Limann Senior High School in Gwollu in the Sissala West District of the Upper West Region has taken off  to take advantage of the 2013/14 academic year.
The Ghana Education Service (GES) is yet to give approval for the school, which was named after the late Dr Hilla Limann, President of the Third Republic of Ghana to keep his  memory alive.cont.reading

IWAN Set For Nation Wide Tour To Premier New Video

After a successful London tour last year September, 'IWAN' the finest reggae dancehall artiste and Ghana's Best Reggae Artiste 2011 deemed it prudent to highlight some tourist attractions in Ghana through a nationwide tour.
The tour aims to promote tourism , arts and culture ,live band music and create a platform to showcase the talent of up and coming artiste.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Minister designate–Tourism has good prospects

 The Minister-designate for Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts, Mrs Elizabeth Ofosu-Adjare, says she is clear in her mind that tourism, culture and creative arts are bedfellows which must not be separated.
She said it was for that reason that President John Dramani Mahama thought it wise to bring the three areas together to be managed under one umbrella for the benefit of the country.
Mrs Ofosu-Adjare made the observation when she appeared before the Appointments Committee of Parliament for vetting.
The nominee told the committee that the outlook of tourism in Ghana was bright, since the country had a conducive political environment to attract tourists.cont.reading

Upper East REGSEC asked to probe death of UEW student after Police shooting

  The Upper East Regional Security Council (REGSEC), has been asked to investigate the killing of a final year student of the University of Education, Winneba, by the police on February 6, 2013.
The Member of Parliament (MP) for Bongo Constituency, Mr Albert Abongo, made the called through the GNA.
It would be recalled that on February 6, 2013, the people of Vea in the Bongo District embarked on a peaceful demonstration against the Eunitack Services Limited that was undertaking quarry works a rocky area believed to be the abode of the god of the people. cont.reading

Ghana needs blue print to fight cyber-crime – US Justice Dept

 The US Justice Department says Ghana needs comprehensive blue print on cyber-crime and the prosecution of its perpetrators to tackle the canker as online business transaction increase.
Addressing a media roundtable discussion in Accra, Mr Thomas Duke, a Cyber-crime Prosecutor of the department, observed that as businesses take advantage of the opportunities available using the internet, there would be increase in cyber-crime.
He, however, said the best way to handle the situation was to stay a step ahead of cyber-crime offenders.cont.reading

Monday, February 11, 2013


KING AYISOBA  When he was born in June 1975 at Bongo SOE near Bolgatanga in the Upper East Region, little was it known that he will be a musician.Three clear years after birth, little King Ayisoba could still not walk. His father, Apoore Abaadongo now aged 110 years and his mother, Azumapoka also 91 year got worried at the time and tried all means including the use of traditional medicine to get him walk, but all failed.cont.reading

Chinese illegal miner shoots three "intruders"

 The police in Bekwai have arrested a Chinese illegal miner who is alleged to have shot and wounded three Ghanaians with an AK 47 assault rifle.

The suspect, Xia Gui Xiang, who was arrested five days ago, has been remanded in police custody pending further investigations. His victims, who were rushed to the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital, are receiving emergency medical care.cont.reading

U/E Region youth accuse Police Commander of murder


The Youth of Vea, a farming community in the Upper East Reigion have accused the Regional Police Commander, ACP Bright Oduro of complicity in the murder of one of the residents during a protest last week.

Azare Anyia, a final year student of the University of Education, Winneba was allegedly killed during a clash between the demonstrating youth and police.

The youth, who addressed the press on the orders of the Tindanaa Traditional ruler of the area, called in the president to investigate the issue.cont.reading


OFFICIAL WEBSITE TO DROP SOON. will be unveiling  its official website by the end of this month February..the website which is currently under construction will made very easy and simple for our readers to read and very attractive layout which will relax our readers .

The admin of this blog have greats stuffs to make our visitors always come back for more.the website will include history under which we will have detailed history about all the tribes which make up the mole-dagombas i.e The Mamprusi kingdom,The Dagbon kingdom,The Nanumba Kingdom,The Mossi kingdom.The Builsa etc..and also will include the history of other tribes in the region..we will also go down to history of all the kings who ruled over the The Mamprusi,The Dagombas and The Nanumbas kingdom respectively  stating categorically every detailed about them and other sub-chiefs who were also to make history on their will focus mainly on the three northern regions but other news from other regions will pop out ones a while..

culture/tradition will be very interesting..we we talk about all the rites of passage..from birth rites,puberty rites,marriage and death rites(funeral)we will also talked about our chieftaincy  norms and ethics.for our culture we discuses about the very day life our people before Islam and western life came ..we will also go into our dressing and our local dishes...for culture and tradition will trill you guys a lot,Tourism will cover all the tourist site in the  three Northern regions know most of the tourist attraction in the northern regions are neglected and very poorly is our aim to secure and improve all the the tourist site we have in the northern region and make all of then reachable to all and sundry .We will also updates our readers about all the traditional festivals in the norther regions also list and pictures of hotels.guest house,lodges and transport services   will also be featured on it to make it easier for our readers to plan very well if they wish to come and visit us..we hope you will come..
On entertainment we will go back to how music and dances started..digging out all the Famous musicians and dancers during the olden days..and it evolved into this modern music dance..we will feature hit artist and upcoming artist too with their profile and music to download and also watch their videos..we will also features their upcoming events,Album released dates,interview,entertainment gossips,Dagbanli movies will be included just to show the world our artistry capabilities..we will also bring snapshot of events winch happen within the week..Hal of fame will profile great men and women the Mole-Dagbon kingdom have been to give birth to.Dagbon Articles will feature articles about mole Dagambas and he way forward as whole body to make a positive impact in this world..

We need your support to carry on this project we have started,we welcome sponsors who will help in any kind especially in the tourism sector which need serious up-liftment because the governments have turn a blind eye on them..we are pleading onto every reader who have the ability to help us kindly support this course..
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Ancient Mosques of the Northern Region

Nakore Mosque
Most of the communities of the regions of Northern Ghana, especially the Northern Region, are Muslim. Islam, which first entered Africa through Egypt in the 10th Century AD, progressed from Egypt towards the west and the south at the same time as the trans-Saharan slave and gold trade routes. In Ghana, these trade routes were used by Mande warriors, Islamic Traders and Missionaries. Occasionally, these routes were marked by incursions by the Almoravids, a Berber Dynasty, which played a major role in the spread of Islam in the area. At rest points for the Islamic traders along the routes, and in conquered territories people were converted to Islam and this led to the construction of mosques in the Northern part of Ghana. Some of these mosques still exist today and they date as far back as the 17th Century AD. cont.reading

SADA supports health delivery systems in Builsa District

The Savannah Accelerated Development Authority’s (SADA) Millennium Villages Project (MVP) is contributing to strengthen the health delivery systems in the Builsa South District of the Upper East Region.
The Authority under the MVP on Thursday donated four brand new AG motorbikes to the district health directorate valued at GH¢28,400.00.
In addition, the health directorate receive from the MVP, an ambulance to be stationed at Fumbisi to covey sick people particularly women in labour to the nearest health centres.
Presenting the items to the health directorate at a function, which coincided with the district directorate annual health review meeting, the team leader of the MVP, Mr David Sumbo indicated that apart from the motorbikes and the ambulance, the project had already rehabilitated   Community based Health Planning Centres (CHPS) in Uwasi, Weisi, Gbedembelsi, Zamsa.cont.reading

Volta Region “oil find” almost look refined – GNPC

Ghana National Petroleum Corporation’s (GNPC) initial assessment of samples of what appears to be crude oil sprouting out from a hand-dug well at Jumbo near Kpassa in the Volta Region, has shown a positive result.
The GNPC’s team of experts have expressed surprised about the substance which looked almost refined compared to most unrefined crude oil.cont.reading

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sissala teachers kick against ActionAid’s rape research findings

Teachers of second cycle institutions in the Sissala East District of the Upper West Region have strongly protested against the publication of research findings on the level of sexual harassment in Senior High Schools (SHSs)in the District.
The research which was conducted by ActionAid-Ghana has been opposed by the teachers in two separate letters to the NGO.
In both letters, the teachers indicated that they would advise themselves appropriately if the NGO refused to heed to their warning and went ahead to make the findings of the research public.


Blakk Rasta was born on the Monday of 2nd September 1974 in Dagbon kingdom,Tamale to be precise.He was born to devout Ahmadi-Moslem parents.As a growing youth in the slums of Moshie-Zongo and Aboabo, Blakk Rasta (born ABUBAKAR AHMED), underwent a lot of injustice, favouritism and other social ills.Education was number one on Blakk Rasta’s mind since his parents were both educationists.He attended Ahmadiyya Primary Schooland Zogbeli Junior Secondary School for his basic education,he furthered to Tamale Secondary School and T.I. Ahmadiyya Secondary School for his high school eduction.He holds a Bsc degree in Land Economy from Kwame Nkrumah University of
Science & Technology,He grew up as a learned ghetto youth who was a real role model for other youths in the slums. He topped his class several times. Everyone in the slum saw Blakk Rasta as an extraordinary chap with over-endowed academic talent.cont.reading


The Larabanga mosque is one of the oldest mosques in West Africa and is the oldest mosque in Ghana.The mud-built whitewashed Sahelian mosque, said to date from 1421.
Story of the Larabanga Mosque

After Ndewura Jakpa died, and Ibrahim decided to remain in the Gonja kingdom, he realized that as an Islamic spiritual leader, or Imam, he needed a Koran. At this time there were only seven korans in existence, all of them written by hand and bound into no less than sixty Hinzibs each and kept wrapped bulkily in many blankets and stored in large calabash bowls far away in Mecca.cont.reading

Friday, February 8, 2013

Crude Oil Discovered In Volta Region

 Crude oil has been discovered gushing out of a well being dug at a home in Nkwanta North of the Volta region.

The Military has been informed and soldiers have been deployed to the area of discovery to cordon off the site.cont.reading


In traditional mole-Dagbon societies there were no atheists. This is because religion, in the indigenous Dagomba culture, was not an independent institution. It is an integral and inseparable part of the entire culture. Religion in the Dagbon and African’s sense was practical. One's entire action is reflective of one's religious concepts and practices as is seen in the ordering of society. This is because social morality is dependent on religion, and what the Dagombas think of religion can pass for many African people. Morality is seen to be part of the fruits of religion and they do not make any attempt to separate the two; and it is impossible, for them to do so. All were interrelated in reality. The result of inseparability of religion from morality was that: “The ancient people of Africa and Dagbon as a matter of fact was far from being an abode of laissez-faire morality.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sense Of Community Among The Mole-Dagbon

A popular Dagbani proverb comes to mind here to express the Dagbon sense of community. It
Says "Go the way that many people go; if you go alone, you will have reason to lament" Dagbon’s idea of security and its value depends on personal identification with and within the Community. Communalism in Dagbon is a system that is both supersensible and material in its Terms of reference. Both are found in a society that is believed by the Dagombas to be originally "godmade" because it transcends the people who live in it now, and it is "Man-made" because it cannot be culturally understood independent of those who live in it

Watchdog committees needed to monitor female genital mutilation – NGO

 Mr Gabriel Gbiel Benarkuu, Chief Executive Officer of Mission of Hope Society, a Non-Governmental Organisation, has called for the establishment of a watchdog committee to ensure the ban on Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in the country.cont.reading

Post-harvest losses cost African countries $4b worth of food every year – AGRA

African countries are said to be losing over $4 billion worth of food every year as a result of post-harvest losses.
Ms. Anne Mbaabu, the Director of Markets at the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) told a workshop in Nairobi, Kenya Wednesday February 6, 2013.
She said the losses result from post-harvest inefficiencies across the staples agricultural value chain.cont.reading

Traditional ruler elected Northern Regional representative to Council of State

Vo-Naa Mohammed Baba Bawa, a traditional ruler was on Wednesday re-elected as the representative of Northern Region to the Council of State.cont.reading

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Iwan, the Lyrical Gunshot is a Ghanaian artist. IWAN means I-Win-Always-Naturally. Abdul Razak Issahaku, hails from Kumbungu in the northern part of Ghana, and belongs to the Dagomba tribe(MOLE-DAGBON).Born in Accra to Mr. Issahaku Atta and Mrs. Ajara Mamudu.
The last among seven siblings.Three boys and four girls.

Iwan completed St. John's Junior Sec. School in 2001 and proceeded to the Accra High School where he became the entertainment prefect in his third year. He participated in many school events, and represented the school in competitions outside campus.He then continued to  the University of Ghana Legon to study  Performing Arts from 2008-2012.cont.reading



People live in the present. They plan for and worry about the future. History is how ever the study of the past. Given all the demands that press in from living in the present and anticipating what is yet to come, why bother with what have been?
Every subject needs justification of one sort or another and history as a matter of fact is not an exception.
As far as the 1800, our great grandfathers understood the importance of history, they understood that there was the need to keep into memory what they have seen and pour it forth the next generation, therefore the question of why history is itself of very great importance.cont.reading


The largest, oldest and most developed park, Mole began in 1957 as a game reserve. It was upgraded into a National Park in 1964. It covers an area of 4,912 sq. km.

The vegetation is savannah woodland with gallery forest along watercourses. 734 species of flowering plants have been recorded in the park. 90 mammalian species including elephant, buffalo, roan, kob, hartebeest, water buck, reed buck and other antelopes.

Lions, hyenas. leopards and monkeys, crocodiles and over 300 kinds of birds, half of them winter migrants from Europe have been recorded in this vast park.

There are 33 camps and 500 km of viewing road. The symbol of the park is the Roan Antelope.

Among the estimated 500 elephants found at the Mole National Park are three relatively “tame” individuals.
Because of the good protection given to animals in the Park, the elephant have generally become used to visitors and allow them to get close during the guided tours of the Park. Moreover, every year, during the dry season, between January and April, when most of the watercourses dry up in the Park, many of the thirsty animals come to a pond lying near the Park’s Motel to drink and bathe.

This permits people to have a good view of them. However, for the three named elephants, their tameness is unique.

Instead of visitors taking the trouble to go down the pond or trek around the Park to watch them, they rather have developed the habit of frequently coming. They wander about the front of the Motel grounds and feed on the fresh grass and shrubs, less visited by others.

Apart from the Motel, these friendly elephants would be seen roaming around the backyard of the staff and head quarters compound.

They are like domestic animals and have become very familiar with the people, who have given them different names based on their characters.

“Old man” the old bull, is known for its matured behavior while “onipa-nua” man’s friend is renowned for its exceptionally cool attitude to those who inadvertently cross its path. When it joined the two at first, young “Action” was inexperienced with people and once got nervous with someone who upset it by getting too close to it.

In response, it made a mock charge on the intruder because of which it earned the nickname, “Action”.

The advantage gained by visitors of these friendly elephants, are the close photographs they can take of them or sometimes posing as near as 10 meters to be photographed with the elephants in the background.

However, caution is required, the animals are still wild

Pusiga will benefit from national cake DCE assures

Pusiga will benefit from national cake DCE  assures

Mr Alhassan Bugbilla, District Chief Executive (DCE) of Pusiga has assured the people of the District of government’s commitment to bring development to all sectors including health, education, and agriculture to enhance the living standards of the people.cont.reading