Thursday, May 16, 2013


This is the dance of hunters of Mole Dagombas which covers entirely the whole North. The history of this day dance can be traced back to the event of Tohazie (red hunter). Whiles he was on a hunting expedition, Tohazie came across a village and was received by a woman. After the reception, the woman told him that they could provide him with everything except water. He Tohazie asked what was wrong. The woman narrated that their river was taken over by a bull. He asked what the men of the town had done about it. The woman continued that the bull had killed a lot of the women who went to fetch the water from the river and had killed all the young men who tried killing it.
   The story narrates that at the beginning he was about living the village then he thought to himself “if I leave without doing something who else will rescue this people from this bull?”   When this thought occurred to him he decided to try killing the bull. He stayed in the village for two days and very early the next day he went down the river to single handedly face the bull. The bull saw him and rushed into him with an effort to kill him. He struggled with the animal for a long time and he had to use a whole lot of hunting experience and other super powers he had. Historians have a lot on his encounter with the bull. But the most important about it was the fact that he finally killed the bull.cont. reading

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