Mohammed Abdul-Rashid Kawawa (kawastone) is his nam.He is 28 years of age and Dagomba by tribe.He was born and bread in old Tafo - Kumasi in the Ashanti region of Ghana. He attended Methodist primary school and secondary education in bagabaga annex Jss and Tamale secondary school (tamasco) in Tamale, the northern regional capital his native land.In Tamasco, Kawastone met his bosom friend by the name Kamal Aryee Mudasiru(Flexx) and together they formed the group Blackstone(flexx and kawawa).After completing in 1998 they took music very serious and by the year 2000 they released their very maiden album, entitled, fe ma no, therefore making them the first hip life artist from the three northern regions of Ghana to cut across Ghana at the time. The album fe ma no was a super hit so therefore had Ghana locked onto it. It was played everywhere and in all occasions. The group Blackstone have toured the whole country and its surroundings like Nigeria, South Africa, Togo, Benin and East African countries like Kenya, Uganda etc.Blackstone flexx and kawawa performed on the same stage with highlife artist like Papa Yankson,Jewel Ackah,Slim Buster, Nana fynn,Nana quame.also on the same stage is hip life gurus like Reggie rockstone,lord Kenya,obrafuor,vip,obour,Tinny,kwabena kwabena,nkasie,kwaw kese,Sydney,castro,k k fosu among others and on bigger shows like national disaster fund raising show in Kumasi sports stadium, crime prevention in national theater, Miss legon hall week celebration, Gold blast, loud in Accra, TV Africa’s sound splash, club pleasure in all three northern regions and agro and many others.The album fe ma no won the group black stone so many awards including music ambassadors of all times, veteran hip life artist, evergreen song among others.
It’s barely 8 years now and the song fe ma no is still enjoying air play all over the country and still making black stone a house hold name.
Kawastone later furthered his education and he is now a graduate of Tamale polytechnic. Presently he is working as a radio presenter at a private based radio station filla 89.3 fm in Tamale, the most listened and the best station in the three northern regions.
His experience in radio presenting necessitated the released of his first solo album and the first ever hit single in the three northern region, making it forth
in the country at large.
The first ever hit single Mani is a dagbanli word which means me virtually describes who Kawastone is. It’s started as jingle later turn into signatory tune and finally transformed into a hit single therefore putting the name kawastone in the history book. His captivating voice coupled with his style of singing have won the admiration of all sundry and eventually making kawastone one of Ghana’s finest singer.
The hit single Mani was nominated in so many categories in the 2005 northern music awards. They include song of the year, male vocalist of the year and the most featured artiste of the year. But he emerged as the most featured artist of the year due to the numerous albums he has featured on. Some of them include adaayelma and boblimma by abada, asana and huna by kkc, atakora by icon, sumanjole, limbo girl, karako etc by Deensi, waligima by sirina issah, daliri by queen Nura,ayisha by yeda and many more.
Tamaha (hope) is the second of his solo albums. it is sang in dagbanli and as the title suggest, people should have hope at all times and not to disperse at the list challenge but rather accompany optimism with hard work and focus.Tamaha is a 8 track album which have four of Ghana’s best sound engineers work on them. The likes of Appietus working on faralanpaa which features his partner flexx and tq, Sammy
Helwani working on bugum which features flexx and sirina issah,Roro working on the album title Tamaha and Duu which features straw of Deensi and roro,JQ working on wawa and ameliya and it features king dalus and lil kriz respectively. The rest are Mani remix which have remedy work on it.
The album Tamaha is out and enjoying massive airplay on both radio and TV stations so go
Grab your copy. Meanwhile he has music videos of most of his songs including some of his featuring song out as well.
Kawastone is a renowned actor and he has done so many dagbanli movies some of which include the most popular movie dabaata (three days,bankaribahi and so on and so forth.
He is also a member of the group seven in one which sang the popular peace song nangbanyini which aim at advocating peace and unity in northern region.
on the pipeline is Kawastone and Tamaha tour for peace in the three northern region especially the conflict dominated areas like Bawku, Yendi, Bupei, Nandom and Bimbila so watch out for the kawastone and the tamaha tour for peace in December.
As u can see kawastone is a great asset.
So he is appealing for your support to surmount some of the challenges they face in the production and marketing of their works.
For kawastone the sky is the limit because he has a lot to offer his fans.
visit his website  http://kawastone.webs.com/

ABADA:living forever

Abada with Yaw sekyi
Abada is a Ghanaian music group based in the Northern region of the country.And was formed by Alhassan Suleman (Blaaq Shanti) and Abdul Ganiyu Alhassan (Blaaq Moon).

Blaaq Shanti was born and raised in Accra the capital of the nation,where as Blaaq moon was born and raised Tamale,Blaaq Moon attended Tishigu presby JHS and Gushegu SHS for his formal education and Blaaq Shanti Attended Ayalolo 1 primary and jhs in Accra and furthered to Yendi shs and Tamale polytechnic for his high school and tertiary educations.At the beginning  they faced hindrance from their parent because they thought they were more concentrating on the music neglecting their books,but they were able to prove them wrong by doing very well with their academic performance,the good performance in school made their parent allowed them to pursue their dream of becoming  musicians

During the early 2000 when underground music artist usually goes to marriage ceremonies,Out-dooring or naming ceremonies,etc to show case their talents hoping to get sponsorship,Young Blaaq Shanti went there to also do the same after he had performed  and was watching his other colleagues perform he saw  Blaaq moon and he admired his performance and stage craft,after the performance they both met and decided to merge as a group.At the beginning  they faced hindrances from their parents because they wanted them to focus on their education rather than doing music  but since it wasn't affecting them academically they allowed them to pursue their dream

The saying "two head is better than one" manifested when they quickly gained fame in the music industry as a group called CRACKERS which was later dropped and  a new name ABADA (forever in Dagbanli) was adopted.They got signed on Tarch House Production.They released their first album You Go See in 2002 which sold hundreds of copies in its first week and in 2004 they dropped their second album Ada yelma which also received a lot of radio play..they went Platinum with their third album Sharatu in 2010 which is still receiving massive air play.they are currently working on their fourth album and promoting some singles on it.they are also trying to break into the international scene with their fourth album and are looking forward to record with some of the renowned  acts in Ghana to broaden their frontiers.

It is not surprising that they took many award in the last Northern Music Awards including Artist of the year,song of the year,collaboration of the year and many more,they have 5 awards to their credit.In their private life they say they love all genres of music including  Malian and Fulani music and having fan with their love ones,Blaaq Shanti who look forward to further to the university to pursue music which will help him a lot in understanding is act and also learning to play the guitar.His partner  Blaaq Moon who has also a business man has his own  barbering saloon( KLASSIC LOOK  barbering saloon) equip with state of the art equipment.The group parted away from Tarch House Production due some differences between them and are now working on their own,and looking forward for new management...Both of them are not yet married and are looking forward to do so.


Don Sigli
 Northern music is generally growing bigger and better always, upon all the challenges they are facing the upcoming talents are doing their best to break through into the international music scene. there is one act who among them who  have been very promising.He has the  ability to make you feel music into your spine. with, its no wonder his elder brothers are already in the game and doing it big and he says he got inspired by them. In a phone interview with him, this is what he has to say about his life and music.

Yasir Mohammed Yamusa was born to Alhaji Mohammed Yamusa and Hajia Habiba on a date he wish to keep it personal.He attended Sakasa primary and S.D.A. jhs for his basic and junior high education. He the proceeded to kalpohini shs for his high school education. He furthered tamale school of hygiene to study its related course. he said music took him by surprise "like a joke" as he himself put it.since he was born in to a family who have already marked their names on the northern music scene,He got inspired by his brothers, SHERIF GHALE and TUUMBA DESTRO..He chose the stage name DON SIGLI because to him  he inherit the music act naturally.SIGLI means to inherit in Dagbanli.
To him  he didn’t face any hindrance from his parent when he started to do music..because they have already seen what some one can achieve from doing music and also from his brothers.

He started by joining forces with his brother Tuumba Destro to form a group called tuumba meaning messengers in Dagbanli.Together with his elder brother Tuumba Destro brought out group album called fara in 2008.which was a bigger hit album and it enjoyed a lot of radio play, but since his elder was about to go to school and he had just completed from school he couldn’t just sit down and do nothing and he and his brother decided to go solo. He got signed onto Maestro Entertainment after their contract deal expired and he couldn’t work with them anymore he got sign onto FrontPage records. As a solo artist he release his first solo album N'Suhu n Yuwa which is really a hit containing 5 R&B made in dagbanli

Don Sigli to me is one of the best R&B act the north have ever produce His tracks  U wan go,Blame me not,Dicheko Bang,N suhu n yuwa and many more  which have really engulf the nation's music scene are some of his piece that has shown a small part of his vocal power. his music  is much centered on love and relationship, according to him,to write any song he get inspire by what he has been through in his love life or other people love life. and since most of the youth are now facing more love problems his song are meant to console them

Because of his talent and vocal power any hit track which makes waves in the northern music industry has his voices on it. He is current working on his third album which contained a lot of surprise package for fans, since he has been seen around with some of Ghana’s big music acts .Don Sigli who sees northern music to be growing very fast as his fellow colleagues already said, "if we get the chance and exposure like our southern counterpart we will also be recognized nation wide and a cross the borders of Ghana" and on stage he do his best to impress his fans with his dynamic stage craft performance..Although he have not gotten any award yet because of the how Ghana music industries is but to him the rate of how he has risen to fame and the love he receive from his fans s one of his greatest achieve and performing on stages with big act in the Ghana music industry

Don sigli who has taken his part in the hospitality industry by establishing his own fast food joint named last stop which have one one best customer treat..if you really hungry you got to check there out..Don Sigli who is married enjoy his leisure by playing videos games like temple run etc..He thank all his for the support they have giving him all these years and should keep supporting him and the entire Northern music.and they should expect his new single with the Rap Doctor Okyeame Kwame entitled Heartbreaks..

Promising Act;Thuglee

Thuglee known in private life as Adam Hamzah was born to Alhaji Adam and Hajia Martha on 5 January 1983  in Tamale the  regional capital of northern region.He went to an Arabic|English school for his basic education and Bagabaga J.H.S for his junior high school certificate furthered to Tamale polytechnic to pursue a course in printing and decoration.Thuglee who has a big love for education plans to further to the university.

Thuglee started his music carrier at a very tender age.He started by doing mix tape,demos and performing during funfairs whiles he was in  J.H.S,that's where he said to himself he can do this and support from his loves ones he release his first single in 2011 which gain an impressive impact on music lovers but his hit single "Lalabala"brought Him to spotlight from there He has been releasing hit single upon hit single which made up his first album talibo kan tu ma and was released on 17th April 2011,The Album which was a talk of town gain a lot of air play among the radio stations in the northern sector.His still working on the videos  for the 1st album and sooner in April His 2nd Album "ti chelpantaba"(lets forgive each other)which he featured many northern act  like Lil k,Don sigli etc ad i bet it is going to be a hit.Thuglee who takes his inspiration from things happening  in the society sings in Dagbani and English to correct and educate the messes about the negative behaviors ,and preach peace and unity among his fellow mates.Although there have been a lot of controversies any time he brings out a track where by people always point fingers say he his dividing his music to his person when he at ask to clear air,he said he don't sing to insult people i always sing about what is going on in our society.and if it happens  you fall in that category then need to change your behavior.

Talking amount music in the northern sector which is now doing massively well to compared to those days. although they still face a lot of challenges including financial and lack of modern studio recordings and promotions  but with all these challenges they are able to bring out good music,most of the  northern artist haven't receive  any awards ye and this is because Ghana music award is centered on artist living in Accra "i guess they should re brand it to "Accra music award "which i think is not fair to other musician living in other part of country Thug-to-DE-lee has gotten the chance to perform on stages with most of Ghana finest music artist eg BET award sakordie,D,black,R2bees etc when ever they come to that side of the country to perform.and he more hit songs still in the pipe line

The business man cum musician said  a lot of people don't get his name thug lee they get it wrong when they think am bad person because of the name thug which means a cruel or vicious ruffian but he is far from that he  explain it as that he is the Lee(protective shelter) for the thugs preaching to them to refrain from their acts although producers are chasing him about to signed him on their record labels but he shun all of them and form his own record label called THUGS REKORDZ which has know signed a lot of young talents onto.He recently realized Zeri Duula ft Don Sigli and Nasir who is also on his label.the hit song was able to checked the 1st position on the northern music billboard chart of the week and he is very proud of that which produce by staff entertainment..The tracks was actually meant to answers some controversies surrounding his music and to me he and his colleague killed the music i realised the versatility in him

Thuglee who is very busy with his business and music do his best to spend time with his wife and kid and has more plans for the years ahead,he says his fans should expect more from him this year and his upcoming album which is slated in  April this year.
listen to sample of his tracks  Zeri Duula, Move, Mana


Black echo
Talking about rap music in the northern sector there's is one name which always pops up and that name is BLACK ECHO..Tashiru as he is known in private life was born to Alhaji Tahiru and Mama Ayishetu(Ayisha) on 9th January 1982 in Tema community 9 a suburb in the Greater Accra region.he attended Community 8 number 3 primary and jhs for his basic education and furthered to United Pentecostal Senior High School all in Tema.he then pursue a course in marketing at the tamale polytechnic ,According him life growing up was not all that smooth especially when he had to live all by himself whiles studying in tamale with all these thorns he was able to survive and now enjoying his fruits of hard work and determinations.

 He grew up in a city which has produced and still bringing out finest music icons some of the artist from that hood are B.E.T BEST AFRICAN ACT OF THE YEAR 2012 Sarkodie ,R2bees just to mention a few.He started by miming the tracks of hip-life gran-papa reggi rockstones  since he was the shy type he didn't make himself known to his peers.he said there was a music competition going on in community 8 and his closed friends who knew his hidden talent encourage him to take part and luckily enough he took the 2nd position in that competition,this competition boosted his morale and he started recording his own demos and appearing on radio shows on Kasahari level in Adom fm and performing on minor stages in the capital of Ghana. Black echo realized that music in the northern part was solely hi-life and reggae so he took it upon himself  to be a pioneer of rap music in the north of the country.in doing this he try his best to featured underground rap artist in his albums which led to the formation of his record label called BLACK-E- RECORDZ where he groom underground rap artist. black echo and his boys rap in Dagbanli and called their  genre Dagbanli-pop or Yelparam (Kasahari in twi) .Black echo have 3 solid albums to his credit  and together with his boys they have 2 albums and working on the  on their 3 album ODESHI which he featured mohammedu of NASAKE fame(listening to Nasake) on the tilted track BOHOBIYOM and they are still promoting singles from his 3rd album which is tilted  Dagbanli pop .

Talking about stage performances Black echo  is a king in that sector he and his boys  put all  their  energy  to murder the stage and leave the  memories on their fans for a very long time.He said his secret to that success is they do a lot of practicing and  and planned  head, they don't wait to the last minute, Due to his hard work.He also said the reasoning why he is in to Dagbanli rap music is that he got inspired by how Ayigbe Edem,Tinny and Sarkodie are making it big nationwide and on  the international market and promoting their local respective languages,he said when they were in Accra doing this rap thing sarkodie and co where no where but due to their hard work and promotion  see where they are now  so we those in the north can also do better if we get the necessary support and promo we can get to where they are and even pass.Black echo and his Choggu boys have been invited  by renowned sound engineer Hammer of the lasttwo record who is noted to have brought sarkodie,tinny,ayigbe edem who are rapping in their respective mother tongues to limelight..And also they are in talks with most of the artist in the south to do  collaborations with them.so fans of black echo should be expecting  more hits from him. Black echo  has now signed a one year contract deal with Carlos entertainment said "Northern music is growing but the business aspect is rather deteriorating because there is no bold manager to spend up to 2000 ghana cedis in branding an artist and i think is because they lack eduction if they really know what they will get from in branding an artist they will do it and also some of us lack education in what we are doing, is like some of the upcoming  artist  thinks since he can can go behind the mic and  rap on an instrumental he think that's all and that makes him a musician but they don't understand what it entails .

At  his leisure he spend much time with his boys,watch funny movies and all give them morale to be in the game..he is also the sales manager at KESMI FM and you can catch him live on kesmi fm and he thank his fans for supporting all this while and stood by him when radio presenter wanted to boycott his music and through the help from Allah and his faithful fans it never came to pass.they should keeping supporting Dagbanli rap music and take care.catch him live on Sunday between 5 to 9pm on KESMI FM..


Tuumba Destro
Mohammed Tawfic Yamusa was born in Tamale on 18th February 1983 to Alhaji Yamusah  Mumuni and Habiba Husein.Tawfic was born into a family of music talents and it happens that he find himself in the middle of two great northern music icons  that is the LIVING LEGEND SHERIF GHALE and DON SIGLI his junior brother.He said growing up in the northern part was not all that easy  but his parent saw the importants of educations  and enrolled him into Sakasaka primary and Sakasaka jhs for his basic and junior high school education after which he he got admitted to Kalpohin shs for his high school certificate which pushed him into Bagabaga teacher training school to be come  a professional trained teacher not stopping there he furthered to Kwame Nkurumah university of science and technology where he is currently studying communication design in his final year,that make him a visual and performing artists.

Tuumba Destro as he is know in the music industry  said he grew up listening to his elder brother Sherif Ghale,Busta rhymes,2pac and the likes.He got inspired by them and started miming their  tracks  and recording his own demo together with his junior brother Don Sigli they formed a group called  TUUMBA meaning messengers in the Dagbanli local dialect,with their hard work they gave birth to their first album Fara which made waves in the industry especially the tilted track paha bayi .they both decided to go solo  after the group album,he was signed onto Carlos entertainment at close end of 2011,under the umbrella of Carlos entertainment he brought out his first solo album Yelmo meaning tell him in the Dagbanli local dialect which he featured great artist from the southern part of the country in like s of prepaid girl hit maker Stay j and and Dance hall king Iwan(i guess you guys remember him) all the tracks on that album did massively well.

the versatile artist said although he listen to other fellow artist tracks but he tries his to be  best to be himself not imitate them thus making him very different from some of the upcoming artist into the industry..he gets his inspiration to write his music by observing what goes around his close surroundings.asking him about how he got the name Tuumba Destro he said for the Tuumba he took it from his first group name with his junior brother and the Destro was giving to him by colleagues whiles he was in shs and he saw nothing wronged with it so he officially added it to his name..

On his thought about northern music this is what he had to say "Northern music is growing  if you take now and compare it to lets say 5years or 10 years back you will see that there is a great improvement in the industry our greatest is the promotions,if you compare the song we do to the song made in the southern part you will realized that there no difference though all of us have different style of making his music  but in terms of performance and making of good music they are not better than us  the only thing is the exposure they get is far bigger than ours"

Tuumba has now taken a break from music to concentrate on his on his education since he will be completing this year in May at his free time you will definitely find him listening to music and spending time with his lovely wife.he is asking his all his fans out there to keep supporting him and still expert more good music from him after he complete..



 Emmanuel Andrews Samini Aka Batman samini who hails from Wa in the upper West Region was born in  Adabraka on 22nd December 1981. to Mr G.A Samini and Theresa Nusala.He had his basic and primary education at Holy Family Basic School and then continued at St Magaraet Mary Sec school, Dansoman for his secondary education.He has lived in Dansoman since he was 9 years.In an interview with modern ghana.com when he was asked about how he started this is what he had to say "I was part of this youth group in my church and there was a variety show in church and a friend motivated me to do gospel rap on that day, so I did and people began to see the potential in me and kept on advising me to keep doing it. From there music became part of anything I did I have always wanted to do music right from my childhood because my parents saw it even before I realized it myself. That is how it all started and just as I completed secondary school education I got into music and here I am."
Samini is by far one of Ghana’s biggest musical star at the moment! His genre of music is a melodious mixture of highlife, dancehall, reggae and hip-hop. He terms his brand of music as the “African dancehall” His unsurpassed stage work is a true reflection of a musical icon that is destined top climb unto the top of world music.

His humble beginnings started when he was part of a melodious church choir at a tender age of 14, his burst onto the professional scene was triggered by a musical collaboration with another musician in 1999 after which he became a toast of fun loving Ghanaians with his impeccable lyrics and free style lyrics.

His maiden album-Dankwasere released in 2004 topped the local music charts for week’s un-ending there by winning two awards at the prestigious Ghana Music Awards. The hit track Linda remains one of the household tracks in Ghana today even years after its release.

Samini has climbed to greater heights in his carrier circles which has seen him shared  the same stage along side, Sean Paul, Akon, Kelvin Little, Wayne Wonder, Shaggy, Ja-Rule, Damien Marley, Bennie Man, Jay-Z, Chaka Demus and Pliers, Culture of blessed memory ,Steel Pulse and Rita Marley .He’s done songs with ace musicians like Etana, Sway, Nameless and Steel pulse.

His industrious carrier has received international recognition which has earned him to perform in many countries including the UK, Nigeria, Germany, Italy, Canada, Holland and many more where thousands have trooped to the event site to be mesmerized with his performances.

His second album, SAMINI, which is still making waves on the local charts won him about three awards at the Ghana Music Awards 2007.In the same year, Batman Samini received international recognition when he was nominated and eventually won the Best African Act at the expense of well established musical icons on the continent at the MOBO Awards 2006 in UK. A nominee for MTV’s EMA Awards in Germany, Channel O Awards in South Africa and the Radiophonie Prize in France, Samini took the Best African Artiste Award at the Hip Hop World Awards in Nigeria. Without a doubt, Samini represents the future of African music and will continue to churn out the best of Music and hoist the African flag high.

The biggest among them is God Almighty and those who inspire me physically are Bob Marley, Buju Banton, Sizzla Kalonji and other big reggae super stars. So I have been infected with reggae right from the scratch.

 Atongo Zimba

Atongo Zimba
Atongo Zimba comes from the north of Ghana. He was very young when his grandfather taught him to play and make the koliko (or molo), a two stringed lute, which is used throughout the savannahs and deserts of West Africa.

His time as a child was divided between the family farm and the regional capital of Bolgatanga. During holidays and weekends he would run the family cattle through farmland and forest, with other boys, looking for feed and water for the cows. There was a strong musical tradition amongst the cowboys and they would play instruments such as flutes and percussion, as well as using their voices to make different sounds, many of which mimicked birds and animals.

He learnt traditional songs and started to compose his own and to use the koliko for more complex melodies than the usual strumming. The instrument is used for many traditional events and to motivate farm workers, but Atongo was interested in using it for more general entertainment and decided to travel in order to explore the possibilities of music making as a career. He found the compound of Fela Kuti in Lagos, where he stayed for two years in his late adolescence, opening the weekend shows with his solo performances
He returned to Ghana, this time to Accra where he joined a very active and creative music scene in the 1980's and 90's, playing with Osibisa and the Pan African Orchestra amongst others. At the same time, he continued to develop his own solo style, picking up ideas from highlife, jazz and funk. Music is part of everyday activity in Ghana and he travelled the country as part of a concert party with Senior Eddy Donkoh.
 He has released four albums in Ghana. During these years he made two visits to Europe, one in the middle 1990's with Swiss drummer Gabriel Schiltnecht. Their band was called Allah Mungode. The second was with the cultural group, Adisa.

Atongo has been based in the UK since 2003 and has developed European collaborations in addition to keeping a strong link with his home country and its musicians.

He has released two albums internationally since then under Hippo Records. The first was Savannah Breeze (2005) for which Atongo put together a band of Dutch based Ghanaian and Caribbean musicians for this Afro-funk sound. It was produced by Dave Youell, who had produced earlier famed koliko player, Captain Yaba. The second was Barefoot in the Sand (2007), which was a collaboration with Niels Brouwer, well known Dutch guitarist (who also produced the album) and Monica Akihary, vocals. This album is more jazz influenced and gently funky.

Atongo has been playing numerous festivals in Europe as well as in Africa and Latin America. He has recently been playing around the UK with a trio.

Other activities have included providing the music for Kwame Kwei Armah's play, "Elmina's Kitchen" with Juldeh Camara. This ran in the National Theatre, the west end of London and a national tour.

Atongo composes and sings in his native Fra Fra, Hausa, Ga, English and Twi. The themes of his songs include power and respect in inter-personal and inter-ethnic relationships, issues of everyday life and development for Ghana and Africa generally as well as romantic love and spirituality.

His most recent venture is with Ghana based musicians, in a band called Sankune, building on the sounds of his boyhood, using traditional instruments.


King Ayisoba
KING AYISOBA  When he was born in June 1975 at Bongo SOE near Bolgatanga in the Upper East Region, little was it known that he will be a musician.Three clear years after birth, little King Ayisoba could still not walk. His father, Apoore Abaadongo now aged 110 years and his mother, Azumapoka also 91 year got worried at the time and tried all means including the use of traditional medicine to get him walk, but all failed.

Destined to be a musician, the father met a soothsayer at the Market on a Soe Market day and was told his son was born a fetish priest with special powers. Apoore (his father) was also asked by the soothsayer to stop sending him from place to place for treatment and instead, give little Ayisoba a “Kologo” native guitar and all will be well. Shortly after Apoore provided his son Ayisoba with a ‘Kologo’ he started walking and playing with it. At that tender age, it is told, that what- ever sound came from the Kologo, moved one of Ayisoba’s uncles who is a fetish priest into performing wonders.

No wonder at that young age his music was considered to be music therapy and that it healed that sickness. Growing up, Apozora Ayisoba as he was named after birth did so well on the Kolongo that he was allowed to perform at gatherings, including funerals and outdoorings in and out of Bongo Soe. His father sent him to school, but he stopped, because his mind was more on his Kologo.King Ayisoba told The Spectator in an interview when he visited the spectator newsroom, that he finally left Bongo Soe to Techiman Nyampenase in the Brong Ahafo Region to do farming but left there after one year to Accra. He said when he got to Accra he was first employed as a security man at Dome Hotel, Kokomlemle. While on guard duties, his Kologo was always with him.

As luck had it, Daryl T.T. who had been observing him anytime he was playing the Kologo while on duty, one day gave him money and handed him to the late hiplife musician, Terry Bonchaka. Ayisoba had to stop his job as a security man, to enable him to perform with Terry Bonchaka on stage. He said while with Terry Bonchaka, he wrote or composed songs and played the Kologo music while Terry did the raps. He said he also taught Terry to sing songs in the Frafra language. After Terry Bonchaka’s sad death in 2003 he featured ‘Mama Africa’ with Krontihene. He finally came out with his maiden album modern – Ghana which contains the popular hitting song “I want to see you my father", It featured several of the finest of Ghanaian contemporary artists including Samini, Sydney, Kontihene, Kwabena Kwabena and Kwaku-T. However this is neither a hiplife nor highlife nor even a traditional album. It is simply distinctive. It is an eclectic infusion of various musical styles and flavours.

Other songs on the album include Poka lebusala (woman is snake) Fame Sika Ma, My friend and My friend. King Ayisoba was hoping to released his second album in 2007 “I plan to enter the international market. I am however looking for somebody who can help me achieve my dreams of promoting Ghanaian cultural music abroad and raise Ghana’s flag high.”Ayisoba who visited the newsroom with his cousin Nsoh Rapsor (a state dancer) and his personal manager Reagan Mends, is married with two children.

King Ayisoba's track 'I want to see you my father' topped the charts in Ghana in 2006.  He won the Ghana Music Award for Song of the Year in 2007 as well as the Traditional Song of the Year.In 2008, he released his second album which is already enjoying lots of airplay. He featured Kwaw Kesse, Moking and Wanluv on ‘Look My Shoe’ which is currently enjoying heavy rotations on radio. He has also collaborated with Becca, Shegee and many other artists since his groundbreaking debut album. King Ayisoba sings in Twi, English and Frafra. Some of his song of the songs Obiara eni begye, Fa mi sika mami, Oko agyae mi, My friend, my friend (a tribute to Terry Bon Chaka), Modern Ghanaian and Champion no easy.

King Ayisoba has performed both locally and internationally and he is proud and happy with what he does.He however reiterated his controversial statement that he loves smoking marijuana, a banned narcotic substance, because it serves as a medicine and an inspiration for him to play his songs.However he advised young people to stay away from smoking. He says “I have three wives and five children but none of them smokes”.


Blakk Rasta
Blakk Rasta was born on the Monday of 2nd September 1974 in Dagbon kingdom,Tamale to be precise.He was born to devout Ahmadi-Moslem parents.As a growing youth in the slums of Moshie-Zongo and Aboabo, Blakk Rasta (born ABUBAKAR AHMED), underwent a lot of injustice, favouritism and other social ills.Education was number one on Blakk Rasta’s mind since his parents were both educationists.He attended Ahmadiyya Primary Schooland Zogbeli Junior Secondary School for his basic education,he furthered to Tamale Secondary School and T.I. Ahmadiyya Secondary School for his high school eduction.He holds a Bsc degree in Land Economy from Kwame Nkrumah University of
Science & Technology,He grew up as a learned ghetto youth who was a real role model for other youths in the slums. He topped his class several times. Everyone in the slum saw Blakk Rasta as an extraordinary chap with over-endowed academic talent.
Music was the last thing to Blakk Rasta though he enjoyed listening to very popular slow music. The ghetto chap wrote several plays, directed and acted some of them. He writes novels too and won several writing competitions.when he was asked how did you come by the name ‘Blakk Rasta’? he said "It all happened at the University for Development Studies where I schooled for a trimester in 1996/97; everyone knew I was a rastaman. A Whiteman came to our campus one day, spotting dreadlocks and drinking alcohol in the campus bar. My friends said my colleague rasta was around. Upon seeing the white rasta, I said, no, I was a Blakk Rasta and not this alcohol-drinking one. From that time, all my friends called me Blakk Rasta".

In 1990, Osman Habib Dollar, a ghetto youth told Blakk Rasta about a Nigerian Reggae superstar-Ras Kimono. Blakk Rasta was immediately captured by the lyrical presentation of the singer. He particularly wondered why people should fight black people and Rasta. All this was mentioned in the Ras Kimono music. Blakk Rasta wept over some of the lyrics and started asking about Rastafari and Black people. This research opened Blakk Rasta to several mind-blowing experiences, which led him to embrace Rasta, though still a Moslem.
Blakk Rasta met Ras Kimono in 1993, watched the artiste perform live and, for the extreme love for the artiste, Blakk Rasta formed a conscious youth club called ‘The Ras Theatre Group’ in Tamale, which acted plays, made movies and performed Ras Kimono’s music.

That was when Blakk Rasta started trying to write his own lyrics. The first one he wrote was ‘Keep on Rockin’ / I & I Rastas.His first album, “Rasta shrine” came out in April 2000. It was a smash hit with singles like ‘Afreeka swit’, and “Keep on Rockin’ / I & I Rastas”In 2003 July, ‘More Fyah’ was released and the single ‘ Congo Bongo’ was voted as the best reggae song of the year 2003 and 2009 by the Ghana music award.In February 2004, Blakk Rasta visited England where he teamed up with accomplished artistes to produce the hit single ‘ Kunta Kinte’ to be released in February 2005 on the ‘Ganja Minister’ album (Blakk Rasta’s third album). Ras coz, Moffart, Sista B, Sista Lahnah, Suniel and dancehall great, Macka B all featured on this album.Blakk Rasta is currently Ghana’s number one Reggae star. His greatest assets are his humility, consciousness and fearlessness.Beside music, writing and travelling, Blakk Rasta is a reggae DJ. on Hitz 103.7 FM, Accra, and judged as the best Reggae DJ in Ghana.Blakk Rasta does Reggae music pouring out conscious lyrics about Blackness, Rasta and spiritual love.

His music has some Jamaican influences and touches. The music is done in English, Jamaican Patois and some African languages.Live instruments are used in recording Blakk Rasta’s Reggae.Harmonies are never compromised. Blakk Rasta loves female harmonies backed by powerful harmonies from the horn family.Rootsreggae is the backbone of Blakk Rasta’s music though a few dancehall vibes and toasts come flinging in. Dub poetry is another aspect of his music.Blakk Rasta rose to international acclaim when his single ‘Barack Obama’ hit the top of the local and overseas reggae charts which also made him grab interviews spots on BBC and CNN.it even brought Barack Obama to ghana.Also he has perform on internation platform in Addis Ababa,  Amsterdam in Holland,london were they loved the vibes.he won the reggea artist of the year 2012 with miss right from his new album.

He is a vegetarian – no meat, fish, eggs, white sugar, flour, salt and anything animal.


Iwan, the Lyrical Gunshot is a Ghanaian artist. IWAN means I-Win-Always-Naturally. Abdul Razak Issahaku, hails from Kumbungu in the northern part of Ghana, and belongs to the Dagomba tribe(MOLE-DAGBON).Born in Accra to Mr. Issahaku Atta and Mrs. Ajara Mamudu.
The last among seven siblings.Three boys and four girls.

Iwan completed St. John's Junior Sec. School in 2001 and proceeded to the Accra High School where he became the entertainment prefect in his third year. He participated in many school events, and represented the school in competitions outside campus.He then continued to  the University of Ghana Legon to study  Performing Arts from 2008-2012

  Iwan took music seriously out of the secondary school. At the time maturity had set in and could pencil down commercial songs. In his bid to be the best at what he was doing,he developed an intrest in beat production, so the quest to study sound engineering. Like a ritual he took his studies at heart and in less than a year he had mastered the art of producing his own tunes.Iwan stepped up his game, natured and harnessed his talent, and got into music full time. He started recording his album in various studious he found himself working at; step 2 studios formally Family fun,Gh studios,Rich city studios,5th project and some few others are where he mastered his art. In a couple of months he'd recorded 6 songs ready.

The hussle commenced for Bullhaus Entertainment's contact."I felt they were the best to handle me, I realised what they had achieved with 5Five".
Bullhaus Entertainment listen to my cd through one of their executives Rafiki and I had call one evening and recommended me for a Good work done. We scheduled a meeting and that was how it all started. Words could not explain the excitement that very evening.That was simply how i met the Bulhaus management, in february 2008.I became part of The Bulhaus family and with my love for the music,i explored 5Five's Afrikan gurls jazz version, and this inspired the Afrikan Gurls remix we did together with Kwaw kese,4x4 and Gyino. Sine then i have been climbing every satge with 5Five. Shows that we did together includes Miss Ghana 2008,joy fm's Nite with the Stars,Exopa's Ghana Fashion Week, Realpo Republic Show with kwaw kese headlining, Sound Splash, Music Music among others..

He lunched his Debut Album(My Time) under Bullhaus Entertainment management On the 12 sept.2010(Birthday) which consists of 17 solid songs at the Aphrodesia Night Club in Accra . Event attended by a Massive crowd of Reggae/Dancehall Lovers and Supported by Fellow Celebrities including Tinny, Raquel, Asem, Funny Face, Caroline etc .. The Album features Artiste in the name of Tinny, Okyeame Kwame, Black Prophet,Sherifa Gunu,Efya, D-flex, Lil Shaker,Natural Face and Gino.His 2nd Album which is Called 12 September Released on his BirthDay celebrations At the Tawala Beach Resort in Accra and was A massive and Unforgettable Show In The Life of Every Danshall artiste. This Album Comes With 12 Solid tracks including 5 bonus tracks that makes it 17 songs. IWAN Don"t Play, Good life, Can't Lock me Down, Jah Bless Me, Dreamer of Dreams and Miss You are Hitz on this Album. The Album features Three(3) Upcoming Reggae/Danshall Artiste called Kombolo , Konkarah and Kay Tee.having Ten(10) Videos To his credits.. Videos include Thanks and Praise, Who,s Bad, Still Love Me,Tellem Again, Jah Jah is Calling, 12 Sept., Corruption, Miss You etc..

Iwan who won the 4syte Reggae Video of the year award(2010) and Reggae Song Of The year 2011 went international  when he performed at the O2 Arena on the Ghana's Independence Day Celebrations in London(2011) and also Tour with Bigg Nash Promotions in the UK including acts like StoneBwoy,Wutah Kobby and SonniBali. RocKed my Birthday Bash at the Gold Coast bar in South Norwood and Miss Ghana Uk at the Troxy was well attended.Iwan is currently under the Gideon Force record label
he describes himself as a humble, quiet, tolerant, hardworking and creative person. Hobbies are Music,Adventurous/Comedy Movies and hanging out with close pals.His favourite all time movie are Scarry Movie and my favourite colours are Black and White."Am always inspired by the lives of capleton,gentleman,sizzla and a few jamdung Artiste" he said.

He is kicking off this year with a Nation wide tour starting from Aflao in the Volta Region,,you have to watch out for him cos ne will be hitten your hood very soon,,,


Sherif Ghale
Born as Sheriff Mohammad Yamusah in the largest city in the Great kingdom of Dagbon,Tamale to be precise on 26th of march 1978 to Alhaji  Yamusah  Mumuni and Habiba Husein.

 sheriff Ghale had his first  touch of eduction at the Sakasaka Primary and Bishop J.H.S respectively ,he then furthered to Tamale secondary school from 1994 to 1996 for his high school certificate,he pursued and got trained as a professional teacher at the tamale teaching training college from 1997 to 2000 and currently pursuing a Bachelor of Education in Music at the University of Education, Winneba in Ghana.

Talking about his music career which he started when his was only seventeen has  proven his music artistry ability beyond doubt releasing hit albums through out is Carreer.
His first album which he launched in 1995 was a great hit which received an impressive air play through out the country..Ghale who sing in his local dialect(Dagbani)  and English  mainly reaches out to his listeners through the local dialect.This in many ways makes him one of a few artistes who have been successful in introducing Dagbani on the music scene in the country.

Sherif Ghale who preaches about peace to mankind and especially to the people of Dagbon believes that music can not  mushroom in a war situation..this led to his campaign for peace through music.his second album which was solely dedicated to peace and reconciliation in the north was pushed by the United Nation's Children Fund (UNICEF) after the 1994 conflict in the northern region.Him and other six northern music artist formed the seven in one for peace music group which gave birth to the album 'Nangbanyeni (unity)'produce in collaboration with Metropolitan tv.Nabganyin which was also a title track in the album had it video enjoying wide air play on the station.He published eleven albums to date and still going strong, spreading out his vibes to the whole wide world .Also His track "Election Time" was included on the Crucial Reggae From Outside Jamaica Vol. 2 compilation.

Sherif Ghale,reggae artist of the year 2005 said, to him, the inspiration to write his music comes at all time. He believes that inspiration is one thing that any individual could tap free of charge from Almighty God, and it is obvious that this believe has been the driving force behind his successful music career. Sheriff Ghale is married with two kids


Sherifa Gunu
 She is described by many as crowd shaker, puller and a real performer when it comes to singing and dancing. Sherifa Gunu will always leave an impression in the minds of any one who comes into contact with her.
 Born as a princess into the Gunu Royal Family of Dagbon in the Northern part of Ghana, Sherifa started her dancing and music career at a very tender age.After she left the classroom, she took part in various dancing competition at the regional and national level. she was at one time the dance champion for the northern region, first runner up for the 1998 National Dance Championship, then known as The Embassy Pleasure.
She moved on steadily until 2003 when she had the opportunity to take part in the hip life dance championship. The likes of king Ayisoba, Terry Bonchaka were among a host of other talented dancers and musicians that were discovered in that competition. She emerged as first runner up to Bonchaka,leading to a series of collaborations among her, Terry Bonchaka and Ayisoba.She later did some backings for artistes like Kojo Antwi, Amakye Dede, Daddy Lumba and also recently Nana Acheampong. She has two albums to her credit so far.She likes to refer to her music as Africana music which is typically known in Africa as “juju music”.

Sherifa, described by many as a crowd dictator, has so far lived up to her quest to make the world a habitat of humanity, using music as a medium for building peace among all people, and for any other purposes that positively benefit the larger society.

Music, they say, is the best peace-keeper. And it is no wonder that the entire message of Sherifa’s music centres on the subject of peace which to her is the most expensive commodity the world needs. This has found expression in her advocacy for peace, believing that Africa’s cry for peace must not be ignored.

“I sing for peace because my heart yearns for peace. Anytime I sit and watch the act of torture by humanity against humanity on television in any part of the world, my heart bleeds through sleepless nights, and I find myself buried in the pool of my own tears,” the crowd queen confessed.

“Numerous calls from international artistes like Akon and Craig David to want to collaborate with me have humbled me, and have made me rediscover myself and my responsibility to be myself, and strive to best the best I can ever be,” sheriffa said

When she was asked about her God giving talent this what she had to say “My mother is a singer and a dancer, but I wear her sandals and I wear it well because as time goes on, you need to modify things and get the best out of them, i trace musical career back to previous generations down my bloodline"

She described  her trademark costume and peacock hairstyle as a unique cultural inheritance passed down to her by her forebears -- which invoke the spirits of her ancestors to rise to her defense anytime she performs in such traditional appearance.
Sherifa who have collaborated with many renowned music artist in Ghana and Africa like D-Black,Eze of Nigeria and B.E.T BEST AFRICAN ACT OF THE YEAR 2012 Sarkodie are receiving massive air play..She hinted that her upcoming Album will be out soon..so fans just watch out for the princess of Dagbon kingdom..


Paedae and mugees
R2Bees is a hip-hop/hip-life group made up of Faisal Hakeem (Paedae da Prablem) and Rashid Mugeez (Mugeez). the dynamic music duo has who started from a very humble beginning are now  among the giant musicians in Africa performing on the same stage with "1st rated artist". Paedae C.E.O of the R2bees Entertainment,rap perfect with the hard core beats while his partner Mugeez formally called Gogome is vocalist making any tracks featured in a hit they also have wonderful artist like Criss Waddle,Yaw Siki,Under etc on their label.their first Album "Revolution I" was a massive hit which received massive air play through out the continent..the group has also taken several awards including Afro-Pop Song of the Year(2011),The group has also gain international recognition they were listed by Forbes magazine "Top 13 African Celebrities To Watch in 2013". The "Wallahi"(LIFE) hit makers reside in the music community Tema a suburb of Greater Accra region will be  releasing their second Album "The Revolution II" which was postpone from February 1st  to march 29,2013 but said they will be dropping new singles on theirs funs.Interestingly enough they are also son of Great Gbewaa(Mole-Dagombas)..


new music coming out from the camp of YENDI CITY BOIZ (YCBs)..this song is so catching..it talks about unity among Dagombas (abudu and andani gates) to to see each other as brothers and should not pave way for politicians to use them as tools to achieve their political ambition.
The founder of the group Abdul Fataw Iddris in an exclusive interview in phone said they (YCBs) are going to use their God giving talent to preach unity among his fellow Dagbambas .enjoy the music and leave your comment ..


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