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Naa Abudu was the first son of Naa Yakubu.He had the respect of the elders.he was the chief of Gbunliga when his father died and was made the regent of yendi..the chamba tribe took this opportunity to reclaim thier land from the dagombas,
the chamba tribe are just near Yelizoli(zabzugu) in presenday Togo..thier chief Bassari Kofi said"we can kill this man son and take our land back " during the olding days Naa Tutuhru(Naa Abudu grandfather)had taken the land from the chambas...naa tutuhri noved to yendi from Diari when he faught the Gonjas.
Bassari Kofi sent to tell Naa Abudu that he is coming for his land back..Naa     Abudu told the messenger to tell Bassari kofi that "I am a bad cow,if it drink your water,you cant drink it anymore  and if i pass through your farm,you cant get anything,dont attempt i am more than my grandfather
Bassari kofi also sent words back saying"if you are a bad cow,we hacve nive and strong ropes to tie and kill you " so be prepared we are coming..
..Naa abudu sent  them back saying " i am not "going to wait for you people to come..i am going to come to you"
Naa Abudu who was a firce warrior marched his men to Nachemba and burnt it down and move to..he narched his troops to Nkunjuri burnt it also down.

he then head towards thier capital Bassari where thier king BAssari kofi was waiting for him to arrive..when  he was going to Bassari he saw how beautiful the town look ahead of them so he told his men we shouldnt destroy Bassari lets take thier properties
Naa Abudu sent to tell Basari kofi  to move out "i have seen that your town is very beautiful and i have learnt that you are good farmers and rich people,i dnt want to spoil the town  the way i did to other ..Naa abudu propose a deal to Bassari kofi  for them to fight man to man if BAssari kofi wins he takes his land but if he wins he will take the land and properties
the next morning Naa abudu prepared and went to meet Bassari Kofi..according to drummers there was a sand stormed and dust was over so nobody saw how they faught but before the sand dust settle Naa Abudu was holding the H**d of the Bassari kofi.the town folk started to run awya like sawm of bees..thats where he said "i am a bad cow ,i drink the water and spoilt it.if i come to yoour yam farm i eat--the rest of the yam i will smash it you wont get anything,thats where he name himself nabiegu
he returned to yendi and performed his father funeral and was made the king of Dagbon

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