Monday, February 11, 2013


OFFICIAL WEBSITE TO DROP SOON. will be unveiling  its official website by the end of this month February..the website which is currently under construction will made very easy and simple for our readers to read and very attractive layout which will relax our readers .

The admin of this blog have greats stuffs to make our visitors always come back for more.the website will include history under which we will have detailed history about all the tribes which make up the mole-dagombas i.e The Mamprusi kingdom,The Dagbon kingdom,The Nanumba Kingdom,The Mossi kingdom.The Builsa etc..and also will include the history of other tribes in the region..we will also go down to history of all the kings who ruled over the The Mamprusi,The Dagombas and The Nanumbas kingdom respectively  stating categorically every detailed about them and other sub-chiefs who were also to make history on their will focus mainly on the three northern regions but other news from other regions will pop out ones a while..

culture/tradition will be very interesting..we we talk about all the rites of passage..from birth rites,puberty rites,marriage and death rites(funeral)we will also talked about our chieftaincy  norms and ethics.for our culture we discuses about the very day life our people before Islam and western life came ..we will also go into our dressing and our local dishes...for culture and tradition will trill you guys a lot,Tourism will cover all the tourist site in the  three Northern regions know most of the tourist attraction in the northern regions are neglected and very poorly is our aim to secure and improve all the the tourist site we have in the northern region and make all of then reachable to all and sundry .We will also updates our readers about all the traditional festivals in the norther regions also list and pictures of hotels.guest house,lodges and transport services   will also be featured on it to make it easier for our readers to plan very well if they wish to come and visit us..we hope you will come..
On entertainment we will go back to how music and dances started..digging out all the Famous musicians and dancers during the olden days..and it evolved into this modern music dance..we will feature hit artist and upcoming artist too with their profile and music to download and also watch their videos..we will also features their upcoming events,Album released dates,interview,entertainment gossips,Dagbanli movies will be included just to show the world our artistry capabilities..we will also bring snapshot of events winch happen within the week..Hal of fame will profile great men and women the Mole-Dagbon kingdom have been to give birth to.Dagbon Articles will feature articles about mole Dagambas and he way forward as whole body to make a positive impact in this world..

We need your support to carry on this project we have started,we welcome sponsors who will help in any kind especially in the tourism sector which need serious up-liftment because the governments have turn a blind eye on them..we are pleading onto every reader who have the ability to help us kindly support this course..
we will like to thank our readers.reading our blog always motivate us continue reading and share  and spread it to everyone one thank you and God bless you all...

*in case you will like to donate or help you can send us a mail or call us (+233)265795526..*

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